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Attention: Guide Work in Process, not Completed yet!

Installing aiccu for SixXS is a breeze under FreeBSD. This Guide is tested under FreeBSD-7 and FreeBSD-8, but will most likely work on FreeBSD-6 and FreeBSD-5 as well. The guide assumes you are using {{{sudo}}} to control your system and do not login as root directly. Else just remove {{{sudo}}} from every command.

Install Aiccu

You either install it from ports:

% sudo make -C /usr/ports/net/sixxs-aiccu install clean

or via packages (not available on all releases):

% sudo pkg_add -r sixxs-aiccu

Configure Aiccu

Assuming you have no gif devices configured yet, so this will be your first (gif0). Also assumed that you have set a separate password for your tunnel in the webinterface.

Alter the config file to include your username/password/tic/tunnel_id/ipv6_interface:
% sudo vi /usr/local/etc/aiccu.conf

The result will be something like this:

% grep -v -e '#' -e '^$' /usr/local/etc/aiccu.conf
protocol tic
ipv6_interface gif0
verbose false
daemonize true
automatic true
requiretls false

Make sure you enable the service:

% cat <<EOF | sudo tee -a /etc/rc.conf

Start Aiccu

This gif0 device is created during startup, but not now, create it manually for the time beeing:

% sudo ifconfig gif0 create up

First Test your setup to be working correctly:

% sudo sixxs-aiccu autotest /usr/local/etc/aiccu.conf

Post-Configuration System