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Here's how to get AICCU AYIYA working on 64-bit Windows 2003/Vista/7/8:

There is a good chance that the Tun/Tap driver available from the AICCU download page does not actually install correctly due to driver signing issues. The driver signing policy for 64-bit Windows Vista and newer requires that all driver code have a digital signature. Microsoft Reference

The OpenVPN community bundles a working installer for the Tun/Tap (tap901) driver with their OpenVPN installer as well as a separate installer package just for this driver on their community download page. This driver package does install without issues.


  1. Visit the OpenVPN community download page:
  2. Scroll down to the Tap-windows section (or the full OpenVPN install, if so inclined)
  3. Download the TAP-Windows driver installer and run it
  4. If correctly installed, you will see a 'TAP-Windows Adapter V9' in the Network Adapters section of your Windows Device Manager
  5. Download AICCU console for Windows
  6. Download, edit, and copy the sample aiccu.conf to C:\Windows\
  7. Run: aiccu start