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This currently is a stub. Please add to it.


This page is intended to cover issues that you may run into, with solutions to try to solve the issue. If you don't find the resolution to your issue here, check the AICCU FAQ and the Setup Forum.

If you are adding a new entry, the format is a level three heading, with a short subject, followed by an issue and resolution. As an example:

Error ABC when I do this?

Issue: detailed explanation of issue

Resolution: detailed explanation of resolution


How shall I test my configuration on the command line?

Issue: Your aiccu setup does not connect properly and you don't know why.

Resolution: Try the test mode of aiccu on the command line (linux and MacOS). Run "sudo aiccu test". This will perform a series of tests and show connectivity problems. You have to shutdown other instances of aiccu before you do this.


I'm using macport's aiccu. Now my account is disabled (i.e. nothing works).

Issue: The daemondo program repeatedly restarts aiccu, but aiccu has problems to connect. After a while the TIC will automatically disable your account.

Resolution: The daemondo problem is explained in Aiccu/Installation#MacOS_X. The issue has been reported to macports. The ticket contains a more detailed explaination, see ticket


Windows Vista

Can't Ping IPv6 Default Gateway of Tunnel When Using Heartbeat Tunnel

Issue: When you find that you cannot ping the default gateway of your IPv6 tunnel, regardless of your ability to get to other locations on the IPv6 network.

Resolution: This can be a tricky bit of troubleshooting, but the first and best step is to check your network configuration through ipconfig /all from the command prompt.

Look at all of the addresses with the exception of the link-local addresses. If you see an address or addresses which do not match your tunnel configuration as listed at, take these steps:

1. From the command prompt type

netsh interface ipv6 reset

2. Reboot the PC and check your network settings again, you should be able to ping your gateway, and also connect to the general IPv6 network through the tunnel.

Can't get IPv6 AAAA DNS lookups

Issue: Windows Vista by default disables automatic IPv6 AAAA DNS lookups unless it detects a non link-local IPv6 address on a physical network interface. See for more information.

Resolution: To work around this issue, add a "dummy" IPv6 address to your physical network adapter. (The TAP32 adapter dose not count) e.g.:

netsh interface ipv6 interface="LAN INTERFACE" address=2002:c0a8:202::

(where "LAN INTERFACE" is the name of your physical LAN network interface used for IPv4 (e.g. Local Area Connection)
and 2002:c0a8:202:: is a 6to4 IPv6 address equivalent of

I'm hoping that either MS or AICCU addresses this issue in the future, as this is just a temporary work-around.

Debugging routing / ping from remote

SixXS Distributed Traceroute provides the ability to perform an IPv4 or IPv6 traceroute directly from SixXS PoPs. This way, you can easily find out if the PoP can reach your side of the tunnel. As SixXS PoPs are globally distributed one can also verify international connectivity.